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Q. What makes Writing Whatever so much better than what is being taught in most schools?

A. The approach that most schools use today is called “process writing,” which relies on brainstorming, free writing, revising, and peer critiquing to arrive at an acceptable piece of finished writing.

The problem with process writing is that it does not actually teach how to write. Rather than showing the students how to achieve the fundamentals of sentence variety, paragraph development, organization, and detail before they begin to write, the process writing method expects them to somehow arrive at competency through time-consuming trial and error, multiple drafts, and the advice of their peers, who are often no more skilled than they are.

Writing Whatever students have a huge head start when they sit down to write. They know how to write great sentences and paragraphs the first time, not the tenth time. They know how to organize their ideas, how to choose the right words, how to punctuate, and how to edit. They achieve better results, faster, and with far less pain and frustration. The self-esteem that comes with such accomplishment is immeasurable.

Q. You say that your course applies to all kinds of writing, and to all kinds of writers. How can that be?

A. I like to call it the S.O.S. approach, which stands for Specifics, Organization, and Style. Perhaps you have been out in the world for a while, and you want to get back to college to finish your degree. But you’re afraid of writing all those papers. This will help. Or maybe your boss has pointed out that you need to work on your writing skills in order to get that promotion you deserve. This will help. There are so many other reasons for needing to write better, but they all boil down to S.O.S.  

I can’t teach you what to write, but I can teach you how to write it.

Q. Is this a subscription, or do I own the course?

A. Writing Whatever is a one-time purchase, yours to keep forever. The course is accessible online using any browser on any device. That means that you can access the lessons at your convenience, review them often, and apply the strategies to fit each new writing situation you encounter.