Shortcuts to success

Get going now, and transform your writing. If you don't know what we are talking about down below, you are the perfect candidate. With focused attention on these eight techniques used by professional writers, you will lift your stories and essays into territory you never thought possible.

  • The Absolute Phrase (my favorite lesson of all)

  • The Semicolon Secret (only 5% of students know how to use it)

  • Correlative Conjunctions ("not only...but also" and friends)

  • The Indefinite Trick (when they say, "Be more specific!")

  • The Passive Alternative (yes, there is an easy way to fix it—and so much better!)

  • The Vocabulary TrIangle (prepare a couple of knock-out words for your next writing assignment)

  • Set Yourself Up (the first two steps are make or break)

  • The Snapshot Introduction (how to nail the thesis statement)

Just set up your own schedule

Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? (that's should do it)

Please take a look at this simple graphic

In three words, this illustration summarizes the way writing should be taught. When the class is reading 
To Kill a Mockingbird, the teacher should take time to point out the great sentences—their structure, their detail, their variety. And she should not hesitate to use grammar terms to do it, especially phrases and clauses.

After finishing the book, she should assign a creative paper in which the students select three of those wonderful sentences, empty out Harper Lee's words, and pour in their own. Teacher and students will find that all the other sentences will rise, inspired by the quality of Lee's writing, and they will be the best stories those students have ever written.

That's the way Write for College teaches writing. We study real sentences, real paragraphs, real essays, and use the real grammar vocabulary. All the elements must always be connected.

I want the world to know about this method. I did not invent it, but I have taught it to thousands of students for decades. It works.

Don Stewart

As seen in the FAQ

Q. If I purchase the 8 "Write Now" Lessons or any of the individual courses, and then decide I would like the Complete program, what happens? 

A. Please let me know, then go ahead and purchase the Complete programI will then refund the total amount you paid for the other courses.