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These videos, taken from the Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays sections of the Complete course, will give you an overview of the entire program. Plus a couple of Exercises!
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Grades 9-10

Great writing starts with great sentences. These 25 lessons show how real writers do it. It's like learning how the magicians do their tricks—and you can do those tricks, too!
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Grades 10-11

Now, get your writing organized and make it flow, using model paragraphs from more great writers. And the numbering system still applies. It just makes so much sense.

Grades 11-12

Starts off with five right-now tricks for your next writing assignment. Then we take apart a famous essay that contains every lesson you have learned—and more!

Grades 9-adult

This collection of all the lessons — Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays — is waiting to deploy when ready. And yes, adults can get in on it, too. It's designed broadly, for the rising high school student, the pressured college candidate, the overwhelmed college freshman, or the parent who has been waiting to write her memoirs. Look around, then come back here to order. Note: Does not include the Teacher's Guide.
— All sentence and paragraph assignments used in the course — Sample answers for the sentence exercises — The “Idea Bank,” filled with fun and focused activities for reinforcing all lessons — The three ways (and surprisingly, there’s only three ways) to describe something — Video showing how to use the unique system to create your own assignments — Bonus: My favorite Jack London writing assignment