Lessons 1-3

Sharpen your pencils. These three lessons are the foundation of the entire Write for College course. Learn how your favorite authors write, simply by studying their sentences. These lessons alone will make you a much better writer.
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Lessons 4-8

Presenting the –ing Thing

These lessons focus on the most common free modifiers, how to punctuate them, and where to put them in the sentence. Also, we'll show you some pretty funny sentences if things get messed up.
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Lessons 9-12

The Wonderful Mr. –ed

A close relative of the "–ing thing," this free modifier can be very descriptive, or it can cause big problems. But the good news is that it has been proven to prevent the passive voice.
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Lessons 13-18

The Power Players

These two free modifiers are rarely discussed in writing classes, but are the most dynamic and elegant. Mastering these will place you in the top tier of writers.
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Lessons 18-22

Easy, Then Hard

This section starts off with an unusual free modifier that is fun but rather rare, and then a more complicated one that is frequent but filled with traps.

Lessons 23-25

Everybody Knows These

Here we cram the final four free modifiers into one bag. The first is a cinch, after what you just went through in Volume 5, and the last three are familiar but presented with a bit of creativity that befits their station.
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Heading for college? This might make the difference.

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at college and not have to worry about your writing skills? 

Or wouldn’t it be even better to arrive at college because of  your writing skills?

That’s why I took all of the lessons from the Write for College summer course and made them into an easy-to-use series of online lessons, which are simple to watch on a desktop computer, or any Android or iOS device, including your phone. 

The time is right, the need is obvious, and the course is guaranteed—literally. If after 30 days you find that the lessons have not been helpful, I will quickly return your money. But having taught this program to thousands of students over a career of more than 40 years, I think you will be happy.

It's time.

Don Stewart


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