Paragraphs by Donald Stewart


The 6 ways to structure a paragraph
PLUS introductions, vocabulary, semicolons, correlative conjunctions, and "flow"

And the numbering system still applies. 
It just makes so much sense.

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It's time to move from narrative writing, which is based on sentences, to informative writing, which is based on paragraphs. You’ll learn how to sequence your thoughts, how to get from one point to the next, and how to be super detailed in order to clinch your presentation. If you have ever been told “It’s not organized” or “Be more specific,” this is your course. And as a bonus, the final five lessons offer very specific "tricks" that can used immediately on challenges such as Common Core, state graduate level exams, SAT and ACT tests, and college essays. This is where you score the points.


Can't get your ideas organized?

Here's a video from Lesson 37. See how to pull two ideas together, 
and how to avoid a potential trap.
 About 2.6  minutes.

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