Our son R. said it was the best class he ever took, and he scored a perfect score on the essay section of the ACT, so you must be doing something "write"!
— A parent
I learned more about writing in the first three days of this course than I did in my last three years in high school.
— A Write for College graduate
I talked with the admissions officer at the college I'm going to, and she said it was the essay that made the difference.
— A senior with early decision
Thought you’d enjoy hearing that on [my daughter's] first major writing assignment for her Honors English class, she scored 100 out of 100 points on her three-page literature essay … the highest grade in her class. Looks like your course has had a very definite and positive impact … thanks again!
— A parent
I showed the short paper to my mom and to my dad. This was the first time in about three years I have shown either of them anything I've written... basically means this is the first time I have been proud of my writing. They said WOW, I wouldn't recognize this as your writing (a good thing). Pretty impressive. We have learned so much in just one week. Thanks!!!
— A junior
I can't believe that this is the last week of the program.  [My daughter] read her paper to me and I was just floored. Best of all, she now knows how to intentionally create an outcome or an experience in her writing.
Don, thanks for everything.  This has been a fabulous learning experience for her.
— A parent
I just read his personal college essay, and there has been significant improvement in his writing. I'll be sending you several students next year, including my daughter.
— An independent school college counselor
I write to tell you what you likely already know, which is that my daughter thinks the world of you, your (now completed - sigh!) class, and your method. Would that you had an advanced class too! She'd sign up in a heart beat.
— A parent
My daughter took the Writing SAT II in May and got a fantastic score of 730. Her PSAT scores last fall were 54 Verbal and 60 in writing skills. I think you had quite an impact, and I will be sure to tell the head of the guidance department at her high school, because I am sure this writing score is unusual for them. I will continue to sing your praises with other parents. Thanks again.
— A parent
This application is for Ben's sister. By the way, Ben has been commended recently in both Business Law and, this semester, in English for his writing (especially for his introductions). As his mom, Thanks!!!
— A parent
The strength and clarity of my sentences improved to such a degree that my teachers began to notice the difference. In retrospect, I realize that it was the most important course I took in high school.
— The Yearbook editor
I just want to tell you that my son thought your course was excellent, and he said that it has helped him greatly. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I will be sure to recommend this course to others. Frankly, I think that the schools should be recommending it.... Thank you very much.
—A parent
I just thought I'd write to you and fill you in on how the course last summer helped [my son] on the writing portion of the SAT, which he re-took in November. Up. 70 points. 90th percentile. WOW! As you can imagine, we were thrilled, and relieved. So I'd say your course was a huge help. Thanks so much!
— A parent
Thank you so much.... I will be in touch about my other children!
— A parent
Why didn't someone tell me all this years ago? I get it!
— A senior, half way through the course
Don, here is an excerpt from [my daughter's] acceptance letter from Brown:
"Your many accomplishments in and out of the classroom impressed the Board of Admissions, as did the strength and insight of your writing. We were particularly struck by your sensitive essay about your mother."
I can't thank you enough for your help with her essay and for the course. Her writing ability really blossomed over the summer. Your course nurtured her skill. We are both very grateful for your amazing support. I can't say enough about the power of your course and your coaching.
— Mother of a graduate
Mr. Stewart,
I would just like to take the time to say thank you. In just three weeks, you taught me more than I have ever learned in any English class. With these new fundamental skills of good writing, I feel prepared to face any writing challenge, eager to apply them to my writing in school, and most of all excited to recognize these styles in everything I read. But a lot of what made this class so memorable was the atmosphere. All the stories and riddles you have told us will not be soon forgotten, and after every class I found myself going home and immediately researching a topic of discussion in class, or maybe just eager to apply new words like "akimbo" to my everyday life (haha). Really it is the little things like trying on the coat, or what you said about the importance of enthusiasm for a specific activity, that will stick with me just as much as the writing skills. All in all, I am confident that I would not have possibly gotten more out of a summer course, or maybe any course for that matter, and my only regret is that it had to end so soon. As a forewarning, you can be sure that you will be getting some visits from me in the future...
Thanks again!
— A Write for College graduate