The System


First time ever!



Welcome to “The System,” the absolute heart of the entire Writing Whatever program. For years these three lessons have been the starting point for the “Complete” course, but I have come to realize that they are simply too important not to share with the world.

I want to give everyone who writes, and everyone who teaches writing, these three lessons—for free. Even if you do not continue with the other lessons in the program, I want you to have these three, right now. I’m betting you have never seen anything like them.

And then, I want you to tell your classmates, teachers, friends, and colleagues about “The System.” Choose email or your favorite social media and help lead the charge for better writing!

I’m using #writingwhatever    @donwriting


Thank you.

Don Stewart





P.S.: For a limited time, I will also include the first exercise (with answers) that accompanies these three lessons in the “Complete” course.

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