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There are 60 lessons in the Writing Whatever program. Here are the first three.
I call them “The System.” And they are 100% FREE.
I believe that everyone who writes, and everyone who teaches writing, should know “The System.”
“The System” is the absolute foundation of everything that follows in the Writing Whatever program, whether we are talking about sentences, paragraphs, stories, or essays. Even if you do not decide to enroll in later lessons, these three lessons alone will make you a better writer.
So watch these videos, read the lessons, give the exercises a try, and check your answers. I think you will agree that just these few lessons will open doors to understanding writing as you have never known before. Imagine what you’ll learn from all 60 lessons!

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As you will learn from the free lessons, there are hundreds of ways to build sentences, but only about eight actual building blocks. In this section you’ll learn what those building blocks are called, how to arrange them, and how to control them so you don’t make those silly mistakes that can cost you points on the big test.

And best of all, you will learn how to develop that elusive quality that teachers love to call “FLOW.”

Bottom line—no matter what kind of writing you do, sentences are your top priority.

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Here’s where we move from narrative writing, which is based on sentences, to informative writing, which is based on paragraphs. The good news is that the same numbering system that you learned in the first course in this series, “The Sentence,” applies to paragraphs. You’ll learn how to sequence your thoughts, how to get from one point to the next, and how to be super detailed in order to clinch your presentation. If you have ever been told “It’s not organized” or “Be more specific,” this is your course.

Price: $49

Throughout the Writing Whatever program, you will see examples of great writing from professional authors. Now it’s time to dig deep into an essay that demonstrates how all of our lessons work together to produce one of the most frequently read essays of modern times. You will learn how to write a grabber introduction, how to organize your body paragraphs with clarity and detail, and how to end with a clincher paragraph that summarizes and convinces. Isn’t that where you have been heading all along?

Price: $139

And here is the entire course, all of the above lessons, all in one place—perfect for the classroom teacher or the homeschooling parent.

Plus, The Teacher’s Guide contains the following resources to support classroom or home use of the Writing Whatever online course:

– All sentence and paragraph assignments used in the course
— Sample answers for the sentence exercises
— The “Idea Bank,” filled with fun and focused activities for reinforcing all lessons
— The three ways (and surprisingly, there’s only three ways) to describe something
— Video showing how to use the unique system to create your own assignments
– Bonus: My favorite Jack London writing assignment

Note: All of the products offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you do not feel that your writing skills have improved, please write to, and I will refund your money in full.