Writing Whatever

The missing writing course — it's online!

So you need to write better?

   It’s time to change all that.

Here's what Writing Whatever will do for you

  •    Save time — Writing without rewriting! Perfect on the first draft, not the fifth
  •  Add some style — Achieve that elusive quality called "flow" (and yes, "ebb")
  • Get on target — Visualize your writing from start to finish  before you begin
  • Discover the magic — Learn how the magicians of writing do their tricks
  • Achieve your goal — Write your way to the top of the ladder of success

E-books for everything!

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For the first time ever, we have converted all of our courses — Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays, Teacher’s Guide — into e-books. That means they can be downloaded to a tablet or desktop and studied without wifi. We are very excited to have you here to take a look around. 

E-book? What's that?

In 70 seconds, here's the answer —