What can "Write for College" do for you?

  • Save time

    Writing without rewriting! Get it done on the first draft, not the fifth

  • Write with style

    Achieve that elusive quality called "flow" (and don't forget "ebb")

  • Learn from the masters

    Fiction and nonfiction, stories and essays—you need to know it all


“Before my grandson starts college next year, I plan on gifting him a copy of your course. I wish that it had been available when I went to college.”

A caring grandfather

“In just three weeks, you taught me more than I have ever learned in any English class. With these new fundamental skills of good writing, I feel prepared to face any writing challenge.”

— A Write for College graduate

“My daughter read her paper to me and I was just floored. Best of all, she now knows how to intentionally create an outcome or an experience in her writing. Don, thanks for everything. This has been a fabulous learning experience for her.”

— A proud parent

“The strength and clarity of my sentences improved to such a degree that my teachers began to notice the difference. In retrospect, I realize that it was the most important course I took in high school.”

— A Write for College graduate and editor of the Yearbook

“I just read his personal college essay, and there has been significant improvement in his writing. I'll be sending you several students next year, including my daughter.”

— An independent school college counselor

“I showed the short paper to my mom and to my dad. This was the first time in about three years I have shown either of them anything I've written... basically means this is the first time I have been proud of my writing. They said WOW, I wouldn't recognize this as your writing (a good thing). Pretty impressive. We have learned so much in just one week. Thanks!!! ”

— A boy gaining confidence

“The 'Sentences' lessons studied so far are unlike anything I have ever encountered. Clearly, your love for the English language radiates with every tutorial. I find myself awestruck. I plan to make two more purchases of the Complete Package today for my other homeschooling students.”

— A homeschooling parent

“Our family continues to be enriched by your Write for College program. Thank you for an investment that ripples blessings beyond our initial hopes.”

— A homeschooling parent

“I just want to tell you that my son thought your course was excellent, and he said that it has helped him greatly. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I will be sure to recommend this course to others. Frankly, I think that the schools should be recommending it.”

—A parent of a graduate

“We homeschoolers are all private schools in CA, and I have one last child I am working with. I would definitely use your curriculum if I were working in a school. I love not having to work up lessons on my own.”

A homeschooling parent

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